“I want to make a ‘hot dish’ that conveys energy and joy to the guests as close as possible.” We opened Les Chanterelles in July 2011 with such thoughts and passion.

“I want our guests to enjoy this dish today.” “This wine will fit our guest’s feeling today.” With these feelings in our mind, we prepare “Les Chanterelles’ cuisine” every day.

“Provide French cuisine as a Japanese chef in Tokyo” is my basis of French cuisine that I have valued since my training days. The concept of Les Chanterelles’ cuisine is to lead our guests to experience the food and atmosphere which they would experience in France and to feel the four seasons of Japan with seasonal seafood and vegetables from farmers.
Les Chanterelles
Origin of Name

It is a name of a mushroom that Chef Yusuke Nakada met while he was in France. It is a memorable mushroom in the Auvergne Forest, where the chef went mushroom hunting every day from autumn to winter. It looks sober, but tastes great; the taste of the truth, over the gorgeousness of the appearance, with such thoughts…
Yusuke Nakada

Born in Shizuoka in 1972.
Served 6 years at “La Blanche” in Shibuya
Went to France and spent 1 year in Paris “Le Bellecour”, then spent 2 years at Auverges “Auberge et clos des cimes” (currently Regis et Jacques Marcon).
Came back to Japan in 2004, served as a chef for “L’artemis” in Jingumae for 7 years, then opened Les Chanterelles in July 2011 in Yoyogiuehara.